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Lubrication Gel Price in Bangladesh

Lubrication gel is a very essential for those women whom vagina’s are dry during the sexual course. After long time having sex women’s lost their vagina’s oiliness and maximum men suffered for it when they wants to inject their penis into vagina’s. Thats why if you use Lubrication gel during the sexual time then  a men and women both can enjoy it too much.

How many types of Lubrication gel found in the market?

There are lot of types lubrication gel in the market but in Bangladesh you can’t found better lubrication gel. For the first time we are importing Lubrication gel from Amazon uk, Amazon USA, Amazon India and China. Among of all type of lubrication gel kly gel, ky jelly water based, ky jelly warming, carex jelly, edible ky jelly, durex lubrication gel & many more. 

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